About Us

St Michael’s and South might be described as a traditional Church of Scotland Congregation with a history going back well over one thousand years.

However, we pride ourselves in our openness to the future and to the new. Friendship, mutual support, unconditional positive regard, and Christian acceptance form the basis of our church life and witness as well as an ecumenical outlook and openness to the different and the challenging. Come and see if you can find a spiritual home with us- we have a wide range of groups and activities for all ages. You will be made most welcome.

The aim of St. Michael’s and South Parish Church is to be a Christian Witness to all age groups within it’s Community and Parish, through Teaching, Preaching and Pastoral Care.
The aim of this web site is to communicate all these things to those in our Parish and to those who have an interest in all that is good in the work we do. We also hope to widen our message and make the Church more accessible to all. And to provide on-line access to St. Michael’s and South Parish Church, to let you know about our various activities and future events.
If you know of any member of the congregation who is ill, in hospital, moved to a new address or gone into a nursing home PLEASE inform the Minister or Roll Keeper,Rena Murray,264418.